Visitor and Staff Management

Managing visitors in your Hospital, Schools & College or business can now be a seamless and speedy process with our market -leading visitor management system. This Visitor Management Software is perfect for large sites that have gates and barriers between the site perimeter and their main reception. It enables security staff to check a visitor’s eligibility and mark them as arrived within the InVentry console straight from your organization’s gatehouse.

Visitors’ hosts will be notified of their arrival and they’ll also be automatically added onto the InVentry Anywhere App, meaning evacuation lists are live an up to date. This feature not only allows large sites to accurately monitor when visitors have arrived at various entrances but will ensure a particular hard to manage site in an evacuation will be easier than ever!

InVentry allows schools and organisations to know which staff are onsite or offsite in an instant. Everything in our staff signing in system has been designed around speed and maximum flexibility, to meet staff needs and requirements. Staff records can be imported manually or pulled directly from your active directory for a seamless sign
-in experience. When arriving at the staff management solution, staff only need to enter the first few characters of their name or select their photo from the touchscreen.

Alternatively, ID cards make the whole experience even faster by integrating with your existing systems. You can also collect sign -in and out information to monitor working hours and understand patterns via your on premise server or via the cloud – the ultimate hybrid solution for staff members.

InVentry’s contractor management software is perfect for large sites with multiple gated entrances; it allows site staff to mark visitors and contractor sign – in activity straight from your organization’s gatehouse!

Gatekeepers can mark visitors as present via the InVentry console part of the contractor sign-in software, as soon as they arrive at the gate which will automatically send a contractor management system notification email to the host informing them that their visitor has arrived. They will then automatically appear on the InVentry Anywhere App as soon as they’ve been marked as arrived, meaning evacuation lists have never been so easy to keep up to date. We Digital Technology IT Solutions have a partnered with InVentry’s to provide Visitor , Staff and Contractor Management System to all Schools , Colleges and Business in Oman and to ensure that visitors , staff and Contractors are managed seamlessly without much complexity.