UPS Solutions

With its wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Digital Technology IT Solutions offers a competitive edge to businesses in need of first -rate power solutions. UPS designed to ensure that companies can protect their mission critical application by maintaining a steady flow of energy under adverse circumstances. Keeping this in mind Digital Technology IT Solutions has partnered with Delta, APC, Eaton, Belden, Hubnextic and Triplite to meet our customer demand and to ensure clients can protect their mission critical application by maintaining a steady flow of energy.

Printer Solutions

Digital Technology IT Solution has also made partnership with Leading Printer Brand in the market to provide printer solution at competitive price and best quality. Our Leading Printer Brands are HP, Epson, Brother, Zebra, Kodak, Konica, Canon, Sharp and Fujitsu etc

E-signature Solutions

Signotec and Epadlink are specialist in the field of Capturing hand written electronic signatures hence we Digital Technology IT Solutions have partnered with Signotec and Epadlink to serve all banks and exchanges with cost effective E signature Solutions.
Signotec E-signature Solutions: Banks can now sign 95% of their daily documents electronically in a legally compliant and secure manner using a signature pad. Especially for the employees in the branches of the banks, this process enables an automatic synchronization of the signed contracts with the downstream systems. The risk of losing documents is eliminated and the documents are quickly available for further processing. If further signatures are required in the back office, this can be mapped with the signotec signature solution. In addition, documents can be postponed to be supplemented at any later time, regardless of location and time, by further signatures.
ePadLink E-signature Solutions: ePadLink electronic signature pads (ePads) are pen input devices that capture handwritten signatures for use in PC applications. Designed to mimic the natural feel of signing on paper, the ePads can be used on the desktop, yet are small and light enough to take on the road. Forms requiring signature approvals can now be completed and stored electronically. For secure transactions, the details of a signature can be analyzed to confirm the identity of a signer. With the ePad product family, it’s easy to add signatures to electronic documents, anytime, anywhere!