Queue Management System

RSI Concepts provides organizations with state-of-the art Queue Management Systems. RSI Queue Management System or”RSI Queuing System” is a customer flow management system that allows you to organize your customers in an efficient and effective way on the basis of smart. Hence, we have partnered with RSI Queue Management System to serve customers from Telecom company, Banks, Healthcare industry, Government company and other companies.

Parking Management System

Parking Management system reduces the time spent seeking for a parking space, prevents inconsiderate parking, block un allowed parking and to ensure that disabled customers get the spaces to which they are
entitled. Using the intelligent/controlled car park management systems, customers can reserve spaces in advance by computer, tablet or mobile, selecting from all available spaces. A parking guidance system then shows the quickest route to a reserved space. Red and green lights above each bay show if they are reserved/occupied or available for use.

Digital Technology IT Solution understands the client requirement and provides support in installing and setting up Parking Guidance System which helps to navigate the allowed parking space. Gate Barrier System which provides access to the gate. ANPR System which helps to see the car parking space and monitoring high traffic area also helps to increase
security in the premises.

POS Solution

A point-of-sale, or POS, system is a computerized network made of software and hardware components that process and record payment transactions between a company and its customers. You can think of a cash register that is traditionally used to accept payments, but a modern POS system is much more complex. Now, it’s an essential tool that helps consolidate and optimize such areas of business management as sales through multiple channels, inventory management, customer management, and marketing. Besides, it serves as a crucial source of information that can be used for further analysis and decision-making.

POS systems are widely used in retail stores, restaurants — and hotels. In this case, POS systems allow for collecting guests’ orders and purchases from different points of sale and charging them directly to their room. We have partnered with Market leading POS System provider such as Square, Zktec, Zebra and Citizen to serve our customer with best POS system which is competitive in the Market.