Airport Security Solution - Smiths Detection

Providing the full range of solutions to meet changing airport security needs. Airports, airlines and authorities around the world trust Smiths Detection’s deep expertise in delivering integrated solutions that provide the security, operational efficiency and scalability that they need to keep their passengers, customers and infrastructure safe from threats. Which is why we Digital Technology IT Solutions have partnered with Smiths Detection’s to support and understand the requirement and enhance the security and operational efficiency, scalability for the Aviation Industries in the Middle East.

New regulations. Increasing passenger numbers. Exacting business goals. Three challenges that demand more complex checkpoint-security solutions. Today’s checkpoints need to be flexible, ready for the future with reliable and effective interfaces, driven by sophisticated network monitoring that increases productivity and mitigates operational risk. Integrated checkpoint solutions from Smiths Detection are tailored to help you build a smooth passenger experience, improve efficiencies, deliver the security needed to protect people and infrastructure. Our industry-leading service technology and personnel are available for the lifespan of your equipment, providing support from planning and design to implementation, training and beyond.

Passenger travel and air cargo volumes are increasing rapidly. So are security threats. New regulations require more powerful and intelligent systems to detect a wider range of substances and dangerous goods – wherever they might be hiding. Smiths Detection is leading the industry in the development of hold-baggage screening (HBS) equipment, with comprehensive solutions that deliver the highest levels of security and operational efficiencies. Our HBS solutions offer the flexibility and scalability to meet the multi-airport operations alike. And our deep understanding of detection technology, regulatory compliance, and service means you have innovative solutions built to last, ready to handle the detection, business growth, and regulatory demands of tomorrow. Complying with current TSA and ECAC regulations, the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT is a next generation high-speed, explosives detection system for hold baggage and air cargo.

Air Cargo Solutions

Air cargo security is a closed circle, in which shippers, forwarders, airlines and industry authorities work together to ensure that all air cargo worldwide is always subjected to the same thorough security checks everywhere.
Smiths Detection sets the standard for air cargo security. From start to finish, we’ll deliver the operational efficiencies, security and system reliability you need to ensure your goods get to where they need to go. Our comprehensive range of detection solutions routinely fulfil and exceed international legislative requirements for air cargo screening. An X-ray scanner designed for the inspection of large scale consolidated and palletised goods, ideal for cargo inspection.

Port & Borders Security Solutions

Digital Technology IT Solutions partnered with Smiths Detection to provides threat detection and security screening technologies for ports and borders that limit illegal activities, without affecting global trade. In the face of escalating cross-border smuggling, authorities need rigorously to monitor imports, exports, transit traffic and people for illicit goods and dangerous materials.

The equipment enhances port security by providing customs authorities with the flexibility to quickly identify unwanted goods and threats. Our fixed and mobile screening equipment provides faster clearance times, relieving pressure on resources and ensuring the continuous movement of goods.

An automatic, drive through scanner portal for the inspection of vehicles and containers, guaranteeing constant vehicle flow on site.

We help keep traffic moving at border crossings, while identifying hidden threats in passing vehicles. Our solutions help law enforcement and border authorities to target trafficking networks by scanning vehicles and their passengers for concealed materials as they pass through checkpoints.

Light Vehicles Inspection System – able to be configured as either a conveyor or drive-through, the HCVL provides high quality, top-centered, top view X-ray images of light vehicles.